CBD is beneficial in so many ways! Many of my clients use these products to manage pain, anxiety, and inflammation. All CBD products are 3rd party tested for quality assurance. This is the same neck pillow I use during your massage, easy to heat in the microwave! The neck pillows are 12 herb scented while the eye pillows come in a lavender scent or unscented. Great for self-care at home and as gifts!

All prices include sales tax

CBD 500mg tincture $42.44
CBD 1000mg tincture $79.58
CBD 1500mg tincture $111.41
CBD 25mg 30ct soft gels $63.66
CBD Water Soluble 500mg $63.66
CBD 275mg salve $28.65
CBD 600mg salve $53.05
Neck pillow 12 Herb blend scented $25.46
Eye pillow lavender scented or unscented $12.73

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