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My name is Pamela Vega and I have been practicing massage since 2009. I found my way to massage after finding a need for natural therapies in my own life. I feel that medications are being over-prescribed for ailments that can be healed naturally and more effectively, without harmful side effects. I decided to learn and perfect my skills as a massage therapist to help people live their lives without pain and without a dependence on medications. I feel that massage therapy has so many more benefits than it is credited for and have made it my goal to share the knowledge and work to better my clients quality of life.


Unwind Therapeutics is located in a serene spa space in Northwest Tucson. You will walk into an ambient and inviting space where your relaxation starts at the door. Together with other spa professionals, I have created a space where you can truly unwind and start your healing process. 

Pamela  Vega

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